What would you do if you if you met a kidnapper and his victim? Prank reveals shocking reactions

MALAYSIA - If you opened the boot of a car to find a bloodied and kidnapped person inside but his intimidating kidnapper tells you to keep quiet, how would you react?

Youtubers of Maxman.tv pranks people on the streets of Malaysia to find out what they would do.

With some fake blood and tape, they put a 'victim' in the boot of a black Honda. Targeting petrol kiosk attendants to hotel valets and even two officers, they set their prank in action.

In the video, the people pause for a second as they open the boot. The kidnapper hushes them and tells them to "just keep quiet" and that it would be their secret.

A majority of them shake hands with him, promising to stay out of it.

Only one man at the petrol station was the hero of the day. He fiercely threatened to take a picture of the 'kidnapper' and report him to the police.

This prank had netizens commenting in horror that Malaysia was a truly unsafe place, and some expressed disgust that those people did not intervene.

However, some justified that they were probably just trying to keep themselves out of trouble by playing along and reporting him later.

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