What you can expect from Alvin Tan's book

Here is what you can expect from Alvin Tan's book Sex, Pork and Persecution.

On his "9 days and 8 nights" in prison

In a chapter, "Wonder what it's like in a Malaysian jail," Tan detailed his time in Sungai Buloh Prison, in Selangor, last July.

He initially had fears when he first entered and was locked up in a 1.8m by 3.6m cell with other inmates accused of rape, murder and drug charges.

On VIP treatment by a Malaysian newspaper

In 2012, Malaysian newspaper The Star's group chief editor invited the couple to a posh hotel, treated them to an expensive Japanese lunch and also paid for a night's stay in the hotel. They were taken to The Star's headquarters, where journalists asked to be photographed with them.

On his first police interrogation

During interrogation, screenshots of their sex video and photographs in full resolution were shown to Tan to ask him to confirm his identity.

The couple's sex video was also played for 20 minutes for the same purpose, which Tan found "awkward."