Woman claims ex-hubby held her 'captive' at home

KUALA LUMPUR - A man, out of the goodness of his heart, allowed his ex-wife to stay in his house and provided her with meals as she had nowhere else to go.

But the woman "repaid" him with a police report alleging that the man had tortured and forcefully confined her in the house in Kuala Lumpur, reported China Press.

Apparently, the man, in his 30s, had allowed his 28-year-old jobless former wife to temporarily live in the house a few months ago so that she could have shelter and food.

However, the woman lodged a police report against the man after he refused to give her any money on March 26.

She had earlier gone to the man's office to ask for the cash.

Police investigations showed that the woman was angry at her ex-husband for refusing her request.