Woman claims to have used her beauty to ensnare over 50 men

MALAYSIA - A woman who claimed to have used her beauty to ensnare more than 50 men from whom she received gifts and money valued at more than RM3mil (S$1.14mil) is now paying for her "sin", reported Harian Metro.

She is now suffering from a mystery illness which she believes is due to black magic cast on her by the wife of one of the men.

Wanted to be known only as Haslinda, the 31-year-old woman also admitted that she had sought the assistance of a Siamese shaman, who gave her a "magic stone" to make her look beautiful and irresistible in the eyes of her intended victims.

"A friend of mine told me about the stone two years ago. I travelled hundreds of kilometres to Thailand to meet the bomoh and paid RM8,000 for the talisman," she said.

She claimed that since then, she had duped more than 50 rich men, including a few who were Datuks.

"I would usually hang out at exclusive places to look for rich men. I only need to look at my intended victim and he will come and talk to me.

"I do not mind sleeping with them because that makes it easier for me to get money from them," she said.

One of the men, she claimed, had given her RM1.5mil and asked her to marry him, and that was when his wife found out about the affair and used black magic to make her sick.

Haslinda now suffers from rapid weight loss, loss of appetite, constant piercing sharp pains on her body and hallucination.