Woman in fiery drama still in critical condition


PETALING JAYA - The woman who was badly injured after she allegedly set herself on fire when she crashed her car on the steps of her former office in Bangsar South is still in critical condition.

Her brother said she had yet to regain consciousness at the University Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC) intensive care unit.

He confirmed that his 35-year-old sister, who was dismissed from her job last year for misconduct, was treated for psychiatric problems.

However, he declined to comment on his sister's allegations against her former company, which police said was what triggered her fiery outburst in the affluent Bangsar South premises on Friday.

A witness said the woman drove her Perodua Viva up the curb into the office building but it got stuck on some steps.

"I thought it was an accident," said an employee at the building. "Maybe, she wanted to reverse but she accidentally hit the accelerator."

To his shock, he said the woman then wound down her window, took out a lighter and lifted it into the air before setting her shirt ablaze.

The witness also claimed that he could smell gas emitting from the car.

Brickfields OCPD Asst Comm Sharul Mansor said the woman had three large bottles of petrol, a gas tank and a box of firecrackers in the back seat.

Security guards at the vicinity quickly used fire extinguishers to douse the flames.

"The woman has worked at that building as an IT analyst from 2011 until last year before she was let go for not abiding by company rules," ACP Sharul said. "She is single and lives with her family in Selayang."

"She has a psychiatric record and has sought treatment at a hospital before.

"We believe that she may have not been satisfied with the company and was in the middle of a civil suit against it," he told reporters. "She sustained 50 per cent burns to her body."