Woman holidaying in Cameron Highlands raped by own countrymen

MALACCA - A Bangladeshi woman, holidaying in the Cameron Highlands with her lover, was allegedly raped by a group of her own countrymen while her boyfriend was held captive and beaten up.

The 22-year-old woman was allegedly abducted and assaulted by about 10 menĀ at a shack in a vegetable farm on Sunday.

The woman claimed the men took turns to rape her after they snatched her away from her boyfriend, who was beaten up and left in an unoccupied house.

"I screamed for help but no one could hear because the site was secluded. The men then started hitting me.

"It was a nightmarish experience. My life has been shattered by the merciless act of these men," sobbed the florist, who has been working in Malaysia for about a year in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.

MIC legal aid bureau chief R. Thinalan said they were taking care of the Bangladeshi pair and would seek legal redress for them.

"We want see all the 10 men tried in our court," he said yesterday.

The couple sought treatment for multiple wounds at a private clinic in Bukit Bintang after arriving in Kuala Lumpur on Tuesday and lodged their police reports at the Dang Wangi station the following day.

Police are investigating the case.