Woman injured by durian shell during quarrel

A 47-year-old woman was rushed to hospital after her neighbour threw a durian shell at her following an argument at a flat in Teluk Kumbar, Balik Pulau, reported Harian Metro.

A witness said the two women were embroiled in a heated quarrel in defence of their daughters who were also heard arguing with each other several hours earlier last Wednesday.

"The victim had gone over to her neighbour's flat to ask about the misunderstanding between their daughters," said the witness.

"She was also heard raising her voice."

The witness added that the neighbour was upset and retaliated by pulling the victim's hair and punching her.

The victim fell but quickly got up. That was when the neighbour flung a durian shell at her face, causing the victim to whimper in pain.

A group of neighbours quickly broke up the heated argument and took the victim to the hospital for treatment.