Woman reacts coolly to robbery before her eyes

KUALA LUMPUR - A female customer stood with arms folded seemingly oblivious to an armed robbery taking place right before her eyes.

To add to the rather bizarre behaviour, the woman tore off her head scarf and calmly walked out of the phone shop after the 5.30pm robbery at Taman Pusat Kepong on Tuesday.

Sentul OCPD ACP R. Munusamy said police do not suspect the woman but has urged her to give her statement to the police.

"She is a regular customer at the shop. Everyone reacts differently to situations like this," he said when asked about the woman's behaviour.

The parang-wielding robber had rushed into the shop while the shopkeeper and her young daughter were attending to the woman.

Camera footage released by police showed the shopkeeper repairing a phone while the female customer waited. The shopkeeper's daughter was sitting behind the counter.

The suspect, in his 20's, threatened to slash the shopkeeper and her daughter if they did not keep quiet. The female customer barely flinches and is ignored by the robber.

The cowing shopkeeper then hands the phone to the woman who just folds her arms and calmly watch the robber ransack the place, taking mobile phones and prepaid SIM cards worth about RM19,000 (S$7,400).

At one stage, another man was seen looking into the shop to see what was going on, but was shooed away by the robber with his parang.

The robber exited briefly then entered again, this time bagging two speakers before speeding off in a black Proton Waja.

Without checking on the victims, the female customer calmly walked out of the shop after the four-minute ordeal, tearing off her tudung in the process.

ACP Munusamy urged anyone with information about the suspect to assist in the investigations.

He said another robbery in the area involved two male suspects on the same day.

The duo, in their 20's, waited outside a 24-hour convenience store in Jalan Ipoh until there were no customers before striking.

"We will publish their pictures from the CCTV and urge anyone with knowledge of the incident to come forward," he said.