Women discover best male friend secretly taped them bathing

KUALA LUMPUR - Two women were stunned when they found out that one of their best male friends, a college mate they had known for six years, has been secretly filming them as they bathed.

The pervert's game was disco­vered after one of the women found a pen-shaped spy camera while bathing in the man's house in Sibu, Sarawak.

Calling themselves Tan, 24, and Fong, also 24, the duo said at a press conference yesterday that they were on a group holiday at the man's home last year.

Tan said she noticed a black pen inside a toothbrush case perched by the window on Dec 28.

"It was facing the shower. I thought it was odd that a pen would be in the bathroom. When I opened it, I found a micro SD card inside it!" she said, adding that she then saw the pen had a tiny lens embedded on its clip.

She later alerted Fong, who found videos of her bathing in the memory card as well.

The women then confronted the suspect after he began asking what happened to his pen.

"One of our friends punched him and all he could say was that he was sorry. We then found a storage device inside his bag containing vi­­deos of five of our classmates who were filmed while bathing.

"These videos were taken years ago while we were staying in hostels in other college group trips," said Fong at MCA's Public Services and Complaints Department office here.

Department head Datuk Seri Michael Chong said he received three complaints last year in relation to women being secretly filmed at places where privacy was expected, such as bathrooms.

"Women should exercise caution and be on the lookout as the cameras can be disguised as clothing hooks, pens or keychains. I suggest women consider purchasing an infrared detector to detect hidden cameras as they cost only around RM60," said Chong.

Tan and Fong are weighing their options against the man, including filing a suit, though a police report has yet to be lodged at press time.