Wood pierces forehead of Nepali worker

SEREMBAN- A Nepali worker had to endure two hours of pain after a metre-long piece of wood he was cutting pierced his forehead in a freak accident at a sawmill.

Vasanth Limbu, 30, was working at a wood cutting machine at the sawmill in Gemas when the wood splinter struck him in the head at 8.25am yesterday.

His stunned colleagues rushed him to the health clinic with the wood still lodged in him.

However, the medical staff there had to call the Fire and Rescue Department for help.

Gemas fire and rescue operations officer Kamarudin Salleh said his men had to cut part of the protruding wood cautiously before sending Vasanth to the Segamat Hospital.

"We did that to reduce his pain," he said, adding that the wood might have lodged 30cm deep in Vasanth.