Workers unearth 104 'gold' coins while digging a pit

MALAYSIA - Tamil Nadu police have seized 104 "gold" coins unearthed by a farmer and two construction workers in Tittakudiin Cuddalore district, about 300km from Chennai, reported Malaysia Nanban.

Police said G. Murugan, 45, had engaged two workers to construct a septic tank behind his house.

While digging a pit, the workers, A. Periyannan, 65, and V. Ramasamy, 63, found a small metal container.

When the work was over, Ramasamy left the site. Periyannan took the metal box and broke it in the presence of the farmer. To their surprise, they found small gold-like coins. Murugan kept the coins after the Feb 16 incident.

Periyannan told his nephew M. Kabilan about the findings. Kabilan said it was gold and insisted Peri­yannan should be given a share of the loot.

Murugan handed over the entire treasure to them but they only took 43 coins and left.

Meanwhile, Ramasamy's wife Anjalai went to Periyannan's house and created a commotion when she learned he had gotten a share of the coins while her husband had not.

The news soon spread and the villagers informed the police. A police team rushed to Murugan's house.

He handed over the 61 coins in his possession on Friday. Periyannan surrendered the 43 gold coins on Saturday.