World's top media zooming in on Obama's historic visit to Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR - All eyes will be on Malaysia with US President Barack Obama beginning his historic three-day visit to Malaysia today.

The major TV networks are covering the event, with some of the world's top newspapers also sending representatives here.

CNN, BBC, Sky TV, Bloomberg and ABC News have sent crews which also covered Obama's visit to Japan and South Korea.

The White House press corps is also travelling with the president, with some arriving on Air Force One.

Other White House correspondents will have to board a separate flight that precedes Air Force One's arrival due to the large amount of equipment involved.

ABC News journalist Devin Dwyer, who covered the president's visit to Tokyo, described his experience on the Airbus A330.

He said that less than half the seats in the plane were filled up but the cargo hold was crammed to the brim with lighting equipment, tripods, camera gear and communications cases from the TV networks.

Writing for Yahoo News, Dwyers stated that the cockpit door was left open throughout the journey with two dozen armed US Secret Service agents travelling along.

For the local media, access to the presidential visit will be limited.

For Obama's visit to Masjid Negara, only 13 local media personnel have been given access, while for the official welcoming ceremony at Parliament, the total number of media personnel is limited to 50.