Malaysian hospitals give face masks to children, elderly, asthma patients

SEPANG - The Health Ministry has directed all state departments to provide face masks to those under the high risk category.

The masks can be obtained from hospitals and priority is given to senior citizens, children and those with asthma.

Selangor Health Department director Datuk Dr Azman Abu Bakar said they had received the directive from the ministry.

He said the department is also constantly monitoring the haze situation in the state and updates on haze-related illnesses are received daily.

"Even though the situation in Selangor is not as serious as in Johor, we advise the public to stay indoors and try to minimise from going out unless necessary and precautionary methods must be taken," he said today.

Dr Azman said the department was also monitoring the schools and would advise for their closure if the situation worsened.

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