Malaysian loses six family members in accident

GUA MUSANG: A senior citizen lost six members of his family, including three young grandchildren, in a horrific accident along the Gua Musang-Kota Baru trunk road.

Apart from the children, Azudin Sukaiman lost his wife Mardiah Drani, 48, daughter-in-law Noor Azila Yasin, 27, and daughter Nur Amira, 23, in the tragedy that happened at 10am yesterday.

"I do not know what to say and this is too terrible for me to accept but what can I do? They are gone," the 60-year-old sobbed.

Yasin Husin, the father of Noor Azila, was distraught at seeing his daughter and grandchild's bodies by the roadside.

"I rushed to the scene after receiving the bad news, and cried when I saw the bodies of my daughter and grandchild," he said.

Yasin said he was also distressed by the deaths of his relatives who travelled in the same car.

Gua Musang police chief Supt Saiful Bahri Abdullah said their car collided with a lorry at the 25km mark of Jalan Gua Musang-Kuala Krai, near Kampung Rantau Manis here, according to Bernama.

The three children were Noor Azila's son Muhammad Hadif Haykal Muhd Hafiz, 18 months, and four-year-old twins Siti Badrishah Ab Rahman and Siti Noraudah, Nur Amira's nieces, he told reporters.