Malaysian team's players sacked for 'faking injuries'

KUALA LUMPUR - The president of a Malaysian second-tier football team has taken the drastic action of dismissing the bulk of his squad, after accusing some players of feigning injury in order to spend their wages.

Negeri Sembilan Football Association president Seri Mohamad Hasan said that only six players had been retained after their sixth-placed finish in the 12-team league.

Head coach K. Devan was also dismissed after they failed to qualify for the Malaysia Cup.

Mohamad said new recruits would have to accept a low base salary but would earn larger bonuses for winning, after a Negeri FA meeting to discuss ways to improve standards.

"I believe this is a better system. If the salaries are very high, they no longer have the hunger to play," Mohamad was quoted as saying by Bernama News.

"In fact, sometimes they purposely get injured because they want to enjoy the salary but are not willing to produce.

"With this new system, those who play full time will reap the full bonuses, those (who do) not will receive proportionate bonuses while those benched will get nothing."