Malaysia's police hunting down henchmen of notorious gang

With the "dons" of Gang 360 Devan behind bars, Bukit Aman has set its sights on hunting down the culprits' trusted henchmen and enforcers, numbering into the hundreds.

While some gang members are believed to have fled overseas, the police are tightening its net, ordering all personnel guarding the country's entry and exit points, and border crossings to "arrest on sight".

The Gang is notorious for committing murders, extortions, kidnappings, armed robberies and drug trafficking, mostly around the Klang Valley.

Now, the days of these organised gangsters, creating much fear and threatening public safety, appear numbered with the sudden onslaught. The dons were first to be taken in - one after another - in a series of raids under a special operation codenamed Op Cantas Khas.

Speaking to The Star, Federal CID director Comm Datuk Seri Mohmad Salleh said police had identified hundreds of gang members and these henchmen would be detained on the spot.

"With their leaders under our clutches, it won't be long before we capture and put them out of business," he said.

Comm Mohmad said police were aware that the gangsters may try to leave the country or were lying low to escape detention.

He said investigations showed at least four grassroots politicians with Datuk titles were part of the gang's upper hierarchy.

The titles gave them more notoriety and control over others. The gang has been in operation for several years, Comm Mohmad added.

"We won't stop taking action against them," he said.

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Police will use several laws such as the Security Offences (Special Measures) Act and Penal Code to "snuff out" their illegal activities.

The four Datuks and a Datuk Seri were among 60 hardened gangsters detained in the biggest swoop on organised crimes this year.

Thirty-four of them are from the notorious Gang 360 Devan, a splinter faction of Gang 36.

Gang 36 is known for committing robberies, extortion, drug trafficking and kidnapping.

The Datuk Seri is the leader of the Gang 24 Penang.

Gang 360 Devan came into the spotlight when it began its reign of terror by murdering competitors, mainly from arch-rival, the Satu Hati Gang, which is equally notorious for drug pushing, luxury car thefts and hijacking.