Man allegedly kills 5 family members in arson after CNY's Eve dinner

TAIPEI - A Chinese New Year's Eve family reunion turned into tragedy when five people died in a fire allegedly set by a son in Taoyuan on Sunday, police said Monday.

The suspect, 51-year-old Weng Jen-hsien, went missing after allegedly setting fire to the family home, killing his parents and three of his siblings, police said.

The suspect, the youngest son of the family, is said to bear grudges against other family members whom he thinks were more loved by the parents, police said.

The unemployed suspect had been living with his parents in the family home, which he allegedly set on fire after the other siblings had returned for Chinese New Year, police said.

His eldest brother, who survived, told police that the suspect had spray-painted words all over the walls of his room expressing his anger at the family.

He had also threatened other family members with a knife before the New Year's Eve dinner had started. He later went to his room and started the fire, according to the police.

A cousin said the Weng family earlier sold a piece of land and shared the proceeds among the siblings. The suspect thought he did not get his fair share, the cousin claimed.