Man charged $330 for shrimps in China as 'seafood is charged individually'

Netizens were outraged after a man was charged over 1,500 yuan (S$333) for a dish of shrimps at a restaurant in Qingdao, China.

The customer, identified as Mr Zhu, ordered some shrimps during his trip to the city on Monday, but never expected the price to be so high, reported CCTV News on its Facebook on Tuesday.

The shrimps were priced at 38 yuan each but Mr Zhu thought that that was the cost of each plate of shrimp.

After finishing his meal, Mr Zhu then headed to the check out counter where he was informed that he had to pay 2,700 yuan for his dinner.

Shocked, the diner checked the details of the meal and found out that the shrimps cost 1,520 yuan.

But the restaurant insisted that price was marked on the menu and that it was a reasonable price as the shrimps were fresh from the sea and had a higher nutritional value.

According to the report, Mr Zhu went back to the menu and found a line in an inconspicuous spot at the bottom of the menu that read: "Seafood is charged individually."

Outraged, he called police. After negotiations from the police, Mr Zhu finally paid 2,000 yuan.

Many netizens were outraged by the restaurant's explanation for the high price and called for stricter management on unreasonable charges in the catering industry, since this is not the first scam reported in the country.

One user, Mr7xiansheng wrote: "I was so frightened that I cancelled a dish of peanuts [that I've just ordered]... if they are charged one by one, I will go bankrupt."

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