Man finds 2 roaches in herbal drink purchased from Tampines shop

SINGAPORE - A man made two horrific finds in the herbal tea he purchased from a shop in Tampines.

The 31-year-old bank staff, Xu, purchased the tea from a Chinese herbal shop in Tampines for $1.20.

At 4pm the same day, he opened the bottle to drink the tea. Upon drinking two sips, he realised the taste of the tea was weird compared to how it usually tastes.

He then saw a cockroach in the tea. There were roughly twenty cockroach eggs floating at the top of the liquid as well, Lianhe Wanbao reported.

But his nightmare did not end there. The man reportedly vomited five times in a row after drinking the tea.

He also drank four litres of water to cleanse his stomach.

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