Man on motorised wheelchair speeds dangerously on road

Stomp contributor Stanley spotted a man on a motorised wheelchair speeding dangerously down the road.

Stanley was worried for the man's safety as he was travelling on the right lane of the road.

He wrote:

"I saw this man on a motorised wheelchair speeding down the road - on the right lane!

"Thank god the traffic was very light and disaster was avoided."

Stanley added over a phone conversation to Stomp:

"This happened at Bukit Batok.

"The sheltered walkway by the side of the road is undergoing renovation and the workers have laid out wooden planks on the grass patch for pedestrians to walk.

"It is not a problem for us to walk through but I think that it is difficult for a wheelchair to go through the make-shift walkway.

"But, I think that the man in the wheelchair could have taken another route instead of travelling down along the road.

"Moreover, he is travelling on the right lane which is very dangerous."