Mandala Airlines reborn as Tigerair Mandala

JAKARTA - Jakarta-based low-cost carrier Mandala Airlines announced last Wednesday that it has officially renamed itself Tigerair Mandala and adopted a new logo, in conjunction with Tiger Airways' rebranding as Tigerair.

Tigerair Mandala president director Paul Rombeek said that the rebranding process did not change the company's name, PT Mandala Airlines.

"However, our brand name has changed to Tigerair Mandala, as we are proud of our Indonesian Mandala heritage but we also want to leverage many aspects from the Tigerair Group," he said.

The new face of Tigerair Mandala has a fresh and upbeat look. The tiger-striped logo, which can be seen on the aircrafts' tails and used to be the main element of Tigerair Mandala's logo, has made way for gray rounded-font typography, with blushing orange accents.

Similar changes are also occurring in other airlines in the Singapore-based Tigerair Group, with Tiger Airways changing to Tigerair, Tiger Australia to Tigerair Australia and Manila-based SEAIR to Tigerair Philippines.

Rombeek said that he hoped Tigerair Mandala's new name and logo would lead to improvements in the airline's services. "We would like to be more involved in our customers' journey by providing a safe, on-time, comfortable travel experience with the best fare," he explained.

"Travel is about bringing people closer to their dreams and about great experiences and memories. What we offer to our customers are great value and seamless experience with a "can-do" attitude," he added.

Tigerair Mandala operates a fleet of brand new Airbus A320 aircrafts connecting Jakarta with a number of local and international destinations. Its main shareholder is prominent investment company Saratoga Capital, while Tigerair holds a 33-percent stake in the airline.

Tigerair Mandala's networks extends to Tigerair's network of over 50 destinations across 13 countries in the Asia Pacific region.