Many US workers lie, call in sick, to play hooky: Survey

PHOTO: Many US workers lie, call in sick, to play hooky: Survey

NEW YORK - Many US workers are willing to lie about a death in the family, illness or jury duty to play hooky, according to a survey conducted by a temporary job staffing firm.

Bereavement time has been used for vacation by 26 per cent of workers surveyed and jury duty by 27 per cent, according to a quarterly survey conducted by Adecco Group North America.

Some 47 per cent of full-time workers surveyed said they have called in sick to take a day off, the phone survey conducted late last month found.

When workers do call in sick, 72 per cent of their colleagues believe they are faking it, according to the poll of 522 full-time workers.

The poll also showed men are twice as likely as women to use bereavement time and four times as likely to use jury duty as a way to take extra vacation time.

A quarter of women, compared to 11 per cent of men, said they are "jealous" when a co-worker leaves work early.

Two-thirds of those surveyed said their workload increased, and 44 per cent said they have added responsibility when their colleagues take off work.

The poll also found 43 per cent of workers in the South, compared to 23 per cent of workers in the North-east and 15 per cent in the West, are happy with their current vacation package.

The poll measuring attitudes toward the use of allotted time off was conducted between Nov 21 and 25 and had a 4.3 per cent margin of error.