Mayweather to surrender belts

LAS VEGAS - Floyd Mayweather Jr. took Manny Pacquiao's World Boxing Organisation welterweight crown Saturday night, adding it to his collection of welterweight titles after winning their highly anticipated bout at MGM Grand's Garden Arena.

But he isn't going be the unified champion for long.

Mayweather, who showed up Pacquiao with his dominating defence en route to a unanimous decision victory, said he would relinquish his titles within the coming week.

"I just want to give chance to other fighters, the young fighters," said Mayweather. "They deserve their shot."

The undefeated American, who raised his record to 48-0, is also the reigning World Boxing Council and World Boxing Association welterweight champion.

He surprised journalists by saying he would give up his belts as early as Monday.

Pressed for reasons why he wanted to give up the belts so quickly, he replied: "Well maybe not Monday but within the week or so."

In taking Pacquiao's crown, Mayweather may have established himself as the greatest boxer in this generation, and he showed it with uncanny defensive artistry.

He kept Pacquiao at bay with his jabs and negated the Filipino's vaunted footwork with slick dodging and counter punching.

Mayweather was asked after the fight if a rematch was in order, especially since Pacquiao revealed he fought through an injured shoulder, but he did not give any definite answer.

"The fight isn't two hours old yet and you want to throw me in another battle?" Mayweather responded. "I just want to go home and rest first."

The titles actually won't matter much to Mayweather. He will get to keep replicas of the belts he won and he also cornered a lion's share of the fighters' earnings for this blockbuster match.

Mayweather could earn around $180 million for the 36 minutes he stayed in the ring with Pacquiao, depending on the pay-per-view revenue the fight generated.