McDonald's UK fans can now create their dream burgers to be sold in stores

Have you ever wished you could create your own legendary dream burger with whatever toppings you want?

Well, lucky McDonald's fans in the UK now get a chance to, where McDonald's is holding an online competition for five brand new burgers to be sold in stores this fall.

Teaming up with digital agency Razorfish London, an online "burger builder" allows fans of the fast food chain to customise their own unique burger, according to a post on

Users will have to build their burger from scratch, starting with the classic McDonald's beef patty, working their way up to the choice of bun.

They are also able to pick up to six ingredients, choosing from a variety of 80 toppings that range from traditional favorites like cheese, bacon and onions, to new exotic choices like guacamole and pineapple.

Users are also encouraged to create an enticing name for their burger.

Amongst those that have already been submitted, "The Beast", "Urban Heat" and "Ragin' Cajun" are some of the interesting names.

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