Men sneak into prawning outlet and restaurant at 2am to steal lobsters

Two men have been caught on camera stealing lobsters from prawning ponds and a seafood restaurant's tanks while the outlets were closed for the day.

The management of Ebi J Prawning and Horkormo Pier Bar at Punggol Marina Country Club sent in the CCTV footage and screenshots of this incident to Stomp.

The video, dated Apr 24, shows the two men sneaking into the prawning area at around 2am.

According to the management, the prawning area was not fenced from the public, but there was a security guard watching over the area.

The men had apparently managed to sneak past the guard and helped themselves to the prized seafood in the ponds and tanks.

They said in an email to Stomp:

"We have recently introduced the bonus prize of quality lobsters in our prawning ponds and it has been a great hit among prawning lovers since.

"We decided to contribute this to Stomp to serve as a warning to the culprits and also let the public identify them.

"It is also interesting to view how the desperate culprits attempt to net the lobsters/prawns at the wee hours and have their own 'fun'."

The management of Ebi J Prawning and Horkormo Pier Bar have already lodged a police report.

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