On the menu: Sperm

Most people have tried salmon, tuna or yellowtail sashimi, but not every foodie gets a chance to try raw codfish sperm.

The New Paper's senior executive photojournalist Jonathan Choo, 57, was served the Japanese delicacy of shirako, or codfish milt, as a teaser for the new season of TV show Hidden Cities Extreme.

The Japanese restaurant Sushi Kuu in Hong Kong also served him a sashimi platter of interesting raw meats like horse, whale, chicken, sea snail and sea urchin meat.

"The codfish sperm was smooth to the tongue and tasted surprisingly delicious," said Mr Choo.

"Whale sashimi is something I have never had but it tugged at my heartstrings to eat it cause whales are endangered today."

Other exotic food he tasted included octopus sperm, broiled honey bee larvae, fried worms and snake soup.

Members of the media from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and the Philippines were given a preview of the extreme challenges that would be featured on Hidden Cities Extreme.

Hosted by actor and film-maker Simon Yin, 37, the second season of Hidden Cities Extreme takes audience through real-life extreme experiences set against the backdrop of cultures across Asia.

The show airs at 10pm on Tuesdays on History (Starhub Cable TV Channel 401).

Following the success of the first season, Yin will go on the weirdest, wildest adventures - catching rats in the Philippines, free-diving in Indonesia, drinking cow urine in India, camel racing in Inner Mongolia and more.

Extreme sports

Not only was his gastronomic limits taken to extreme, Mr Choo also experienced extreme sports during the trip last month.

He donned a mask, gloves and vest, and was armed with a replica firearm fitted with magazines filled with spherical nonmetallic pellets to play the tactical game of Airsoft.

The group was thrown into three different mazes that were set in ancient Egyptian and Terracotta tombs, Amazon rainforests and Cambodia.

"In the first round, Simon shot me in the buttock," said Mr Choo. "It was so painful, I wanted revenge. So in the second round, I ended up shooting everyone else, including my own team-mates!"

For a few hours during the trip, Mr Choo also got to be a disciple of a skilled wing chun master who taught him how to defend himself with the ancient martial art.

As a thrilling conclusion to his extreme sports adventures, Mr Choo coursed through forested terrain in 7 deg C on motorbikes in a motocross session on the outskirts of Hong Kong.

After braving multiple adrenaline-pumping extreme encounters, Mr Choo was treated to a Korean naked massage and body scrub as a soothing cend to the extreme trip.

He said: "We stripped off our clothes and put on disposable underwear. The masseuses then rubbed salt all over our bodies.

"It was meant to be therapeutic but to me, it was agonising and it felt like sandpaper being scraped across my back. I guess you never get anything short of extreme on the show."

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