Modern technology helps improve Thai student behaviour

BANGKOK - Electronic identification scanners installed at Samkhok School have proven effective in combating truancy.

The system requires students to swipe their student ID card when they arrive and leave school, with parents able to monitor this via SMS messages.

An electronic behavioural system has also been installed, allowing teachers to record the behaviour of each student.

Under the system, each student is initially given 100 points and points are deducted for bad behaviour.

Conversely, students are rewarded for good behaviour by receiving points.

Students who amass over 200 points in a year are given a merit certificate, while those with less than 100 points are not allowed to advance to the next grade.

Parents can follow the points progress of their child online.

The school's director, Samnao Saengkaew, said the facility had a strict policy of taking care of students and previously students kept track of their behavioural points by carrying a pocketbook.

But he said that after the number of students increased from 500 to 3,500 in five years, the school needed to get hi-tech in its approach to improving student behaviour.

"We learned from other schools that use this system [the scanner], but we added the SMS system to notify parents," he said.

"[Our] students have become much more responsible, both in their schoolwork and in their punctuality.

"This not only encourages students to improve academically but parents are also more involved in taking care of children and feel more confident that the kids are definitely in school."

Commenting the scanner, Mathayom 5 student Chanchanok Kankaew said: "When coming to school, we would stand in line to check in and out of school. This makes the students more punctual and it is much more convenient."

A parent, Pathum Supantho, backed the school's implementation of the scanners, saying they were a more convenient way to monitor truancy and made the students seem more enthusiastic about learning and being punctual.