MOM bans 15 firms from hiring new foreign workers for 6 months

PHOTO: MOM bans 15 firms from hiring new foreign workers for 6 months

The 11 employment agencies are: Wanco Manpower, RGF HR Agent, Chiu Teng Enterprises, Cayman Management Consultants, Renaissance Management Services, Talent2 Singapore, Singapore Human Resource Consultants, Imag Global Resources, New Channel Manpower International and Ministry of Recruiters. The four companies in the list are : La Fondue, Linny Service and Supplies, IPM Global Solutions and Link-8 Security.

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Here is the full statement from MOM:

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has taken action against 15 more companies, after our investigations found these companies' job advertisements to be discriminatory and not aligned with the Tripartite Guidelines on Fair Employment Practices issued by the Tripartite Alliance for Fair Employment Practices (TAFEP). 

What is acceptable in a job advertisement

  • Words or phrases that exclude Singaporeans or indicate preference for non-Singaporeans should not be used.
    Not Acceptable:
    •Non-Singaporeans preferred •Singaporeans and Malaysians preferred •Singaporeans and Malaysians welcomed •Singaporeans and Filipinos (or other nationalities) • Employment Pass/S Pass/Work Permit/Dependant’s Passes/Long Term Visit Passes Holders only
  • Acceptable:
    •No mention of any nationality •Only Singaporeans
  • If a job entails proficiency in a particular language, employers should justify the need for the requirement.
    Not Acceptable:
    •Mandarin is an advantage •English/Chinese (Mandarin) speakers •Speak Mandarin
    •Putonghua an advantage
  • Acceptable:
    Chinese-language teacher for pre-school centre, good credit in ‘O’ Level Chinese
    •Translator for a leading Malay sports magazine. Proficiency in Malay is a must.
  • Words or phrases that suggest preference for job candidates of a particular age group should not be used.
    Not Acceptable:
    Below 30 only •Youthful working environment•Age 25-30 only •Fresh graduates are welcome to apply
    •Older workers welcomed •Job is suitable for older workers •3 years of relevant experience •No experience required
  • Race should not be a criterion for the selection of job candidates as multi-racialism is a fundamental principle in Singapore.
    Not Acceptable:
    •Chinese preferred •Prefer Malays
  • Religion is unacceptable as a criterion for recruitment except in cases where employees have to perform religious functions as part of the job requirement.
    Not Acceptable:
    •Christians preferred • No Muslims. Work involves handling pork and beef
    •Chinese restaurant needs chef. Requires handling of pork and beef
  • Words or phrases that suggest preference for job candidates of a particular gender should not be used.
    Not Acceptable:
    •Strong guys needed •Preferably female
    •Female working environment
  • Acceptable:
    •Women’s fashion boutique requires sales staff to model clothes while on the job
    • Physical work required
  • Generally an irrelevant criterion in employment as jobs can be performed equally well by either married or single persons.
    Not Acceptable:
    Preferably singles
    Frequent overseas travelling is expected

As was required of the 10 companies MOM took action against in September 2013, these employers have to put up online public apologies for 30 days, and are barred from hiring new foreign workers during this 30-day period, as well as for six months following the publication of their apologies.

This brings the total number of companies MOM has taken action against for discriminatory hiring practices since March 2013 to 27.

Investigations into companies highlighted as having discriminatory practices or advertisements are ongoing.

Under the Tripartite Guidelines, employers who advertise a position requiring a specific attribute which may be viewed as discriminatory should ensure that the attribute is indeed a requirement of the job, and state the reason for the requirement in the advertisement. The 15 companies could not provide valid justifications for listing discriminatory attributes (pertaining to age, gender and nationality) and restricting their recruitment to exclusive groups.

MOM expects all employers doing business in Singapore to comply with the Tripartite Guidelines on Fair Employment Practices, and put in place fair employment practices. MOM views employers' non-compliance with the Tripartite Guidelines seriously, and strongly urges companies and employment agencies acting on their behalf to familiarise themselves with the Tripartite Guidelines, which can be accessed at