Moon Soon-Ho: The Sartorialist

I knew I wanted to be a footballer...

When I was 10 years old. My elementary school did not have a football team. I joined an ad hoc team my school put together for a friendly match with another school.

The football coach from the other school then offered me a place in that school so that I could join their football team.

My father did not give his permission at first. He had played for his school's football team in his youth and felt football would be too time-consuming and would affect my schoolwork.

I kept asking my father to let me switch schools until he finally gave in. I turned professional at 22 after graduating from university.


A turning point in my career was...

In 2011, when I was offered a contract by Woodlands Wellington. In late 2010, I had decided to quit football and left (South Korean football club) Cheonan City although it had offered me a new contract.

I was 29 then and the oldest player in Cheonan City. I decided to switch careers to try coaching.

In early 2011, I came to Singapore for a holiday to visit friends and went to watch an S-League match between Geylang United (former name of Geylang International) and Woodlands Wellington at Woodlands Stadium.

Watching that match made me frustrated to simply be a spectator.

I kept thinking of what I would do if I were playing and rekindled the desire to play football again. A friend then introduced me to an agent who approached Woodlands Wellington.

The club has given me many opportunities and being with Woodlands Wellington has been the best time of my life.

Since 2011, I have played better than before and I am in top form now.

My secret "obsession" is...

My hair. I am very particular about my hairstyle. I believe that it affects my playing.

I have always liked to keep my hair long. Last month, after cutting my hair short, I scored a hat-trick the next day in a match with Courts Young Lions.

So I think I will keep this short hairstyle for now.

Another quirk I have is keeping two hairbands - one for training and one for matches. If I lose a match, I throw away the hairband I wore during that match and buy a new one. I've had this habit since I was 24.

My idea of food heaven and hell...

In Singapore, my favourite food is chilli crab.

I won't eat coriander.

My dream girl is...

Someone who can understand me and is on the same wavelength. Looks are important to me too. I like long hair, big eyes and a nice smile.

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