More expensive to eat at hawker centres now but 'prices still affordable': Case

SINGAPORE - The Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) said today that according to its price survey, the prices of hawker food have generally increased by 10 to 20 per cent.

The consumer protection agency further noted that while prices most commonly charged by most hawkers (mode prices) have increased, hawker food remains affordable to the average consumer as there are still a substantial number of stalls selling food at prices below the most common prices.

These observations were the result of CASE's island-wide survey on 503 hawker food stalls selling five common food items - chicken nasi briyani, chicken rice, fishball noodles, plain roti prata and rice with mixed vegetables and meat.

Compared with CASE's previous price survey conducted in Dec 2012, the July 2014 mode prices of chicken nasi briyani, chicken rice, plain roti prata and rice with mixed vegetables and meat have increased by 10 cents to 50 cents, but the mode price for fishball noodles remains the same at $3.

The survey also found that the percentage of hawkers selling food below the mode prices has decreased. Most of the hawkers have moved to sell their food at higher prices over the last two years, CASE said.

CASE added that it also came across stalls that offered lower prices for hawker food and has highlighted some of them in its report.

The agency said it is committed to protecting the interests of Singapore consumers and will continue to monitor food prices and highlight any unreasonable prices in the market.

Where to dine cheap

Click on the markers to see the full name and address of the stalls CASE highlighted. The prices do not include take-away charges, and CASE says there may be other stalls that sell the dishes at competitive prices.