Most ridiculous condo names in Singapore

SINGAPORE - A condo by any other name would be as nice to stay in...Maybe?

There are condos everywhere in Singapore. Most of them have pretty simple names, like "Marina Bay Suites" or "Hillview Apartments".

Simple, yet classy.

But sometimes developers like to get creative too. The problem is that creative isn't always good, especially when telling the name of your condo to a taxi driver or a friend, and then getting a blank look or a "huh" in response.

Some condo names are funny, bizarre or just downright facepalm-worthy.

Here are some of the most "interesting" condo names in Singapore:

1. D'Zire

We thought this one takes the cake. Completed just two years ago, D'Zire is a 999-year leasehold condo in Hougang, located close to Kovan MRT and an array of amenities.

Desirable location, but not so desirable name.

2. Thr3e Thre3 Robin

Thr3e Thre3 Robin is obviously situated at 33 Robin Road, just a 5ive-minute drive from 0rchard Road.

Five* Oh no! Now I write like them too!

Imagine if everything were written that way. The name may be viewed as a clever play of letters and numbers, or something that is just too difficult to find because you can't remember in which position the '3s' should go.

3. Jool Suites

Jool Suites is conveniently located just a short distance away from Farrer Park MRT station. Its facilities include a swimming pool, jacuzzi, and barbecue pits too.

Cool condo, but not such a cool name.

4. 38 iSuites @ Ipoh Lane

This condo is located at, yes, 38 Ipoh Lane. The iSuites part is perhaps the clearest sign that Apple mania has gone way too far.

5. Tresalveo

Does this name even mean anything?

6. L'viv

Is that pronounced 'live'?

L'viv is a condo along Newton Road. Lviv is also a city in Ukraine. We think (though are not sure) that it's pronounced the same way.

The question is: Why in the world is a condo in Singapore named after a city in Ukraine?

7. Vogx

Trying to pronounce this one left us scratching our heads.

8. Other condos with names that will annoy spelling Nazis

The person naming these may have needed a spell-checker.

Cradels @ Balestier

The Levelz

Have you come across any other condos with silly-sounding names?