Moto G 4G: Motorola has you covered in the budget category

Say you break or lose your smartphone right now and you desperately need a temporary replacement.

You need a phone that's at least as good as the one you had, but you're on a tight budget.

The options on the budget range of smartphones are limited to poor quality design, underpowered hardware and outdated software. But they are cheap.

Thankfully, Motorola has you covered with the Moto G, a sub-$300 smartphone that looks, feels and functions like an $800 flagship phone.

The Moto G has been widely praised for its affordability, giving users the opportunity to own a really good smartphone without having to spend a lot of money.

The highly affordable price also makes the Moto G the perfect backup phone.

It has all the stuff you need; fast quad-core processor, solid build quality, large high resolution display, good battery life, a decent camera and running the latest Android operating system.

Recently, Motorola has released a 4G version of its popular budget phone which makes it an even better affordable handset.

This makes the Moto G the first and only 4G phone in the budget category. It also makes it the most affordable 4G phone on the market.

Anyone who craves for 4G speeds can just pick up a Moto G and still have extra cash to pay for their soaring phone bills.

Another new (and important) feature for the latest Moto G is expandable memory, great for those who plan on using Moto G for the long-term.

The included Micro-SD card slot really makes up for the paltry 8GB on-board memory, supporting memory cards of up to 32GB so you can carry your entire media collection with you.

I've already reviewed the Moto G some time ago and I still can't stop giving this phone so much praise today.

With all the new flagship phones coming out that really has nothing new to offer other than bigger displays and faster processors, an affordable 'good enough' smartphone seems to be more appealing to me.

I've been recommending the Moto G to folks who are either new to the smartphone bandwagon or want a no-compromise phone at reasonable price.

If larger screens and blazing fast processing power is what you're after, the Moto G may not be what you're looking for. But for the rest of us who just need a decent phone, the Moto G is perfect.