The multi-functional turntable

Having set up kitchens many times over the years, I realised that I have replicated some ideas over and over again.

These ideas make working in the kitchen easier, as they allow for organised storage and lots of shelving space.

Even something simple such as a table-top turntable, either single or double-tiered, helps to make storage more organised and accessible.

I place one near the stove to hold salt, pepper and seasonings that I need for cooking; one in the larder (or at the coffee/tea-making stations) to store sugar, creamers and various teas; and another under the sink to keep my cleaning supplies.

I even have one in the fridge to store opened bottles of frequently used spreads, jams and mustards, which make them easily accessible.

Just rotate the turntable to get the bottle you need.

You may have noticed that the foodstuffs listed above are organised according to their function, whether for breakfast, for hot drinks or for cooking and cleaning. Everything is within reach when you need them.

The other convenience is a bar fridge to store sauces, pastes and powdered spices. It frees up the main fridge and is small enough to fit under the kitchen counter.

You make think it a luxury but in our humid climate, keeping dry spices in the fridge is essential to prevent them from spoiling.

You can also never have enough two-pin sockets, which are required by many appliances.

I always install a strip above the countertop, close to the cupboard where I store my blender, chopper and other appliances. This makes it convenient for me to plug in and use the machines.

To create more shelving space, I buy those wire baskets that you can slot under your shelves to hold essential odds and ends.

In my kitchen, one basket holds instruction manuals, another has opened packets of dried foods and yet another carries notepads, labels, sticky tape, rubber bands and pens.

With everything at hand, working in the kitchen is a breeze.

This article was first published on May 22, 2014.
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