Jesseca Liu and Jeremy Chan tie the knot in Langkawi

Local TV artistes Jesseca Liu, 38, and Jeremy Chan, 36, have made it official, tying it the knot in the bride's hometown of Langkawi on Sunday (July 16).

In a post on each of their social media accounts, Liu and Chan shared a photo with almost identical captions - Liu's read: "Today, the Liu family has gained a son", while Chan's post stated: "Today, the Tian (Chan's Chinese surname) has gained a daughter".

The pair had previously confirmed last month that they would be getting married by the end of the year.

Take a look at the photos below of their low-key beach-front wedding:


  • Husband and wife with their groomsmen, bridesmaids, and adorable page boys.
  • For the tea ceremony, they wore modern updates of the cheongsam and changsan by local designer Laichan.
  • Jesseca's accessories were custom-made by Helan Tan ( to match her gowns.
  • The couple gave a speech together.
  • A little quiet time before the start of their festivities.
  • For the solemnization, the chairs were draped with lilac cotton, and had confetti paper cones tied to one side. These were filled with seashells, petals and blue flowers.
  • The couple asked everyone to turn off their phones, iPads, and cameras during their ceremony, so they could enjoy the experience without being distracted or blocked.
  • White lanterns and strings of flowers adorned the trees, while there were quirky signs throughout the venue.
  • Photo props and jars of old-school sweets for guests.
  • The reception table was decorated with framed signs and cute plastic words.
  • While vintage lamps, flowers, candles and seashells created an even more relaxed, resort feel to the celebration.
  • Their favours of fans and shell brooches came along with the day's programme.
  • A variety of pastel blooms and greenery added a touch of pretty to the reception area.
  • Upon their arrival at the resort, overseas guests were welcomed with a pretty pouch of goodies from the couple.
  • Guests held on to etched out photos of their cats at the wedding booth.
  • It wasn't love at first sight for newlywed actors Jesseca Liu and Jeremy Chan.
  • In fact, it was "love at two three sights (before she could see me)", joked Jeremy Chan, 36, poking fun at his shorter stature.
  • In separate interviews with, the celebrity couple who got married on July 16, shared how they met and fell in love.
  • Liu, 38, revealed that she became "more interested in him" after watching a TV series that he was in, and loved the way he played his character.
  • "That's when I began to develop good feelings towards Jeremy," said Liu.
  • So what do they love about each other?
  • "She's a very real and genuine person," Chan shared, while Liu finds him sensitive, considerate and caring, in contrast with her more "careless" nature.
  • "He reads me well and can complement areas where I am lacking," said Liu.
  • The funnyman couldn't help but add, "lastly, I like her legs, because mine are so short, I need to find someone with longer legs."
  • One example of her "carelessness" was exemplified in a story Chan shared about a holiday they took overseas.
  • Liu had gone to the wrong hotel room door and after the access card didn't work, "knocked and forcefully tried to open it".
  • While it is no secret that a funny guy often gets the girl, it is evident that the Malaysian-born actress loves Chan's sense of humour.
  • "He cracks me up in different ways every day," Liu shared.
  • The interview, which took place during their pre-wedding photoshoot done in Bhutan, also delves into the most touching thing Liu did for Chan (which involved a thoughtful birthday surprise).
  • As a parting shot Chan told his wife-to-be: "Thanks for giving me this chance to love and cherish you. I'll bring you joy and happiness every day."
  • Not surprisingly, Liu also thanked Chan for "letting me spend my days in laughter and for making me so happy."
  • Cue the 'awwws' all around. Congratulations, you two!
  • Local TV artistes Jesseca Liu, 38, and Jeremy Chan, 36, tied the knot in the bride's hometown of Langkawi on Sunday (July 16).
  • The pair met on the set of a web drama in 2014, and dated in secret for 2 years before finally confirming their relationship last year.
  • In his vows, Chan said that he promised to "kiss her before going out of the house and before bedtime", and "even if I don't brush my teeth".
  • In her vows, Liu said: "I'll use this lifetime to learn to be a good wife. Thank you for not giving up, which has allowed me to be your wife today"
  • The couple reading their vows at the ceremony.
  • She added: "People often told you how lucky you are, but little do they know that I am the lucky one. You've made me realise how wonderful it is to be loved."
  • Liu also made reference to "the ugliest comments" which Chan has had to endure since news of their romance leaked.
  • In his vows, Chan also thanked Liu for "forgiving" their height difference. Chan is shorter than the statuesque Liu, and at 36, younger by 2 years.
  • She stated: "Thankfully you have a big heart, and have taken the unkind words in your stride."
  • According to reports, the dinner comprised of 15 tables, with mostly friends and family in attendance.
  • The bride wore three different outfits - 2 gowns from Galia Lahay, The Proposal, and a qipao by local designer LaiChan.
  • According to Zaobao, the dinner lasted for three hours, after which the couple changed into more casual clothing and took wefies with guests.