The magic of Disney sand sculptures

This summer, Disney lovers can see their favorite characters brought to life - in sand.

During the Sand Sculpture Festival "Disney Sand Magic" in Ostend, Belgium, spectators can enjoy elaborate sand sculptures of characters, places, and other references they're used to seeing on the big screen.

For this event, a team of 32 carvers from around the world spent five weeks building 150 sculptures based on Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, and Marvel movies.

7,000 tonnes of sand brought by 240 trucks were needed to create these amazing albeit transient works of art. 

The sculptures will be on display from Jun 24 June to Sep 10.

  • Sand carver Franco Daga from Italy meticulously works on a castle sculpture during the festival.
  • An iconic scene from Lady and the Tramp is recreated here in sand.
  • Sand carver Sergey Aseer from Russia is working on one of the Aristocats.
  • Sand carver Sergey Zaplatin from Russia draws from a photo to create Captain America.
  • Artist Konstantin Kuzyarin from Russia makes sure Mickey Mouse is properly dressed.
  • Viewers can notice even more detail up close.
  • Though sculpted in sand, Zorro seems to be just as animated as though he's on a moving screen.
  • A sand sculptor works on Sleeping Beauty's shoulder.
  • Sand carver Teimur Ilya Shanin from Russia works on a sculpture of Scrooge McDuck.
  • Sand carver Teimur Abdul Ganiev from Russia works on sculpting Mr Fredrickson, who seems very happy to be there.
  • The artists work hard to accurately capture the characters they're depicting.
  • Sand carver Susanne Paucker from Germany works on creating the tiniest of details, from trees to roof shingles.
  • The 150 sculptures are based on Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, and Marvel movies.
  • In total, 32 carvers from around the world used 7,000 tonnes of sand brought by 240 trucks.
  • Though tedious to sculpt, the final products look amazing.