A peek inside Quan Yi Fong's newly-renovated home

Local host Quan Yi Fong's recent home renovations included one important change -- replacing her daughter's old single mattress bedframe with one that can hold a double.

So, does the proud single mother know something we don't? 

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  • Quan with her interior designer Zoe from Zoe8Design.
  • In an interview with Lianhe Wanbao at Quan's two-storey, three-bedroom apartment in Siglap where she's stayed for six years, Quan said renovation works began in July, a month before her daughter, Eleanor Lee, flew back home from Beijing for her holidays.
  • The living room area before renovations began.
  • One important change made to her daughter Eleanor's bedoom was to replace her old single mattress bedframe with one that can hold a double.
  • In her discussions with the interior design firm on renovation ideas, they had boldly suggested that Quan should prepare for the day that Lee would have a boyfriend and eventually get married.
  • Now, the bedframe still holds a old single mattress, but the frame has been reconstructed to hold a double bed if the need arises.
  • Eleanor's desk and closet area.
  • Eleanor's old artwork which she holds dear, and was the only thing she told her mother to preserve.
  • Quan lounging in her balcony - the area which underwent a huge transformation.
  • Quan joked: "I hung bamboo blinds here to keep out the sun -- I lived like a lonely old person!"
  • Now fitted with automatic drapes, the space feels more fresh and modern, allowing Quan, who dislikes being cooped up in an air-conditioned space, to get some fresh air.
  • The most surprising thing about Quan's home, however, is her bedroom, which is awash in girlish hues of pink and lavender, complete with a Minnie Mouse plushie.
  • Said Quan unabashedly: "That's who I really am."
  • Quan said the designer created this space where she can sit and read a book, but admitted she uses the lounge chair only when she's surfing the internet on her iPad.
  • Quan with her walk-in wardrobe in her ensuite bathroom.
  • Quan's closet, before and after.
  • The tiles fitted in her bathroom gave Quan a fright initially, as she thought it was too gawdy.
  • A skylight in her bathroom, where "only birds can see me shower".
  • Quan owns 4 dogs, so the grass carpet bordering the balcony is perfect for them to run on.