Mum threatens to disown daughter on TV over her plastic surgery addiction

Driven to despair by her daughter's frequent transformations, a Chinese woman threatened to disown her during a TV show if she does not kick her addiction to plastic surgery.

A popular talk show aired last Thursday by Jiangsu Satellite Television in China showed the desperate 61-year-old mother telling off her daughter, who has had more than 20 cosmetic operations over two years, reported the South China Morning Post and China Times.

Worried about the risks involved in such procedures, the mother told the studio audience in the show which was uploaded on Youtube: "Every time I see her, she looks different. I can hardly recognise her even though I'm her mother."

She added: "Now my daughter's face has been totally reshaped, all her extended family say she looks rather like a monster. How can I not be worried?"

Her 29-year-old daughter, Yu Ning, said she spent nearly 800,000 yuan (about S$168,000) on plastic surgery.

Yu, who had a clothing business, also revealed in the programme that she wanted to look like celebrity actress Fan Bingbing, who boasts a milky white complexion, sparkling big eyes, a pointed chin and a nose with a fine bridge.

This was despite her friends already saying that she was "a good-looking girl" before she went under the knife.

Yu first had jaw and nose jobs done in China before heading to Seoul for a dramatic redesign of her face. She also her nose and eyes reconstructed in Seoul.

Unhappy that her jaw had become longish, she underwent a second jaw contouring operation there.

Yu revealed on the show that she planned to have her height extended this year, a procedure that would require her shin bones to be broken so that implants could be inserted to increase her height by several centimetres.

The news made her mother burst into tears immediately, but Yu kept up her smile as a recent surgery had made her lips curl upward permanently, she explained to the audience.

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