Must-try Instagram delicacies in Jakarta

With the rise of social media in Indonesia, an increasing number in the food industry are opting for social media platforms to market and sell their products. So far, Instagram is among the favourites.

With highly visual contents that make the products even more appealing, food-related profiles on Instagram are attracting more and more hungry followers and they make sure not to leave anyone out. Whether you are rich or poor, old or young, from Papua or Australia, there is something to satisfy every tastebud and budget.

To the delight of Betawi food lovers and Instagram users, the following list compiles the top products that are now available on Instagram in our much beloved capital city, Jakarta.

Fufluns Kitchen Indonesia

Is there anything better than having the healthiest and tastiest beverages and food delivered right to your door, whether at the office or at your own home? At Fufluns, they are always using the freshest ingredients on the market, which are highly nutritious and delicious at the same time.

They are very proud to offer a varied selection of mouth-watering food full of protein and good fats that are essential for our bodies. No sugar is their policy. Moreover, all their products are non-dairy and low GI. But not only does their menu include delicious meals, it also includes tasty smoothies, snacks, non-dairy milk and juices. Their mixed berry mousse pudding and chia pudding are must-tries. Other favourites include the overnight oats, almond milk and their beneficent series.

Matcha Te
Instagram: @Matcha_Te

Looking for a perfectly creamy, sweet and healthy matcha latte in Jakarta? Matcha Te is the answer. You can easily enjoy this delicious green tea drink with a group of friends or alone while reading a book. What is more, you don't even need to leave the comfort of your own home-sweet-home to savour it.

To make it even better, the health benefits of the drink are not a lie. There is not a single artificial flavour nor preservative in the recipe, which uses the highest quality Japanese matcha only. Also, this matcha latte contains all the antioxidants that our bodies need.

Indeed, the founders of Matcha Te are all family and close friends who, well aware of the health benefits of the drink, always enjoyed a good cup of matcha latte every time they gathered in cafes. As they could not find any high quality instant matcha latte available in shops in the form of individual sachets, they decided to create Matcha Te to bring the sweetness of the drink to the comfort of our own homes.

Instagram: @iscaketory

If you are a true food lover, you certainly are not unfamiliar with this group of dedicated chefs, namely the Chef Nation of which Isaura Theonardy is a proud member. In fact, she is the mastermind behind Is-Caketory.

After graduating from the distinguished Le Cordon Bleu hospitality education institution, she started her remarkable carrier in Paris before returning home to Jakarta. There, together with Olivia Jensen, she founded the now famous Is-Caketory brand to the delight of Jakarta's city dwellers. Is-Caketory supplies top cafes and hotels in the city, but they can also supply your own kitchen whenever you want.

Their snack box offers an amazing selection of mouth-watering treats. Actually, you can order anything from their delicious Rousillon manjari fresh rapsberry to their Choco passion religious, or even Tarte walnut caramel.

Spiky Smooth Ice Cream
Instagram: @spikysmooth

Unlike most ice cream parlours, Spiky Smooth Ice Cream does not offer the classic flavours like vanilla, strawberry, or chocolate. Instead, they go for the more unique flavours that will surely excite your tastebuds. And they don't even charge exorbitant prices.

Their extended variety of ice cream flavours thus include cookies 'n cream, cream cheese, hazelnut, matcha green tea, speculoos, and peanut and caramel. They also have a special Sandwich Waffle Ice Cream, which comes accompanied by delicious Toblerone Chocolate sauce.