Names of 'fake freshies' leaked on NUS Confessions

Names of 'fake freshies' leaked on NUS Confessions

A Stomp reader, Jerry, said that someone is trying to sabotage one of NUS's orientation camps, by revealing the list of 'fake freshies' taking part in this year's camp on the NUS Confessions Facebook page.

According to the reader, 'fake freshies' are actually university seniors pretending to be freshmen. They take part in orientation camps in a bid to inject more fun into the programme.

The NUS Confessions Facebook posting features what seems to be an internal announcement among the camp organisers that reveal the 18 names of the 'fake freshies', along with a plea to help these seniors "maintain their veil of secrecy".

In an email to Stomp, the contributor wrote:

"There's trouble brewing in the NUS University Scholars Programme's (USP) orientation camp.

"I came across what appears to be an attempt to sabotage the orientation activities of NUS USP's orientation camp.

"Every year, many university orientation camps feature "fake freshies" or seniors pretending to be freshmen, to inject fun into the camps -- but this typically known only by the organisers of the camp.

"This year, it seems that the cat is out of the bag for the USP camp, as someone posted the list of 'fake freshies' and their real names on the popular NUS Confessions facebook page."

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