Nearly 1 in 5 claim supernatural happenings at the office

PHOTO: Nearly 1 in 5 claim supernatural happenings at the office

SINGAPORE - Have you ever heard a ghostly tale about your office which sent shivers down your spine?

In a recent survey conducted by JobsCentral, 17 per cent of respondents in Singapore said that they had encountered or know of someone who has encountered supernatural phenomenons in the workplace.

According to the survey of 3,500 workers, most of these supernatural encounters happened in office washrooms. About 33 per cent of office 'hauntings' took place in washrooms, while only 15 per cent were said to have taken place in meeting rooms.

The survey also found that those who worked in the health and social services sector were most likely to have had supernatural encounters.

Women were also more likely than men to encounter 'hauntings' or hear about another person's supernatural encounters.

The most common type of encounter reported was strange manifestations, while the least common involved someone being physically touched by unseen forces.

Top five 'witnessed' encounters

• Seeing a ghostly figures and/or unexplainable dark shadows - 65 per cent

• Office equipment operating on their own - 12 per cent

• Office items that shift without reason - 9 per cent

• Doors that open and close on their own - 5 per cent

• Possessed co-workers - 3 per cent

Apart from supernatural encounters, Singaporean workers also revealed their biggest fears at work.

According to JobsCentral. more than four-fifths of the workers surveyed had at least one work-related fear or phobia.

The most common fears workers had include not being able to meet their performance targets (51.1 per cent), offending the boss (46.3 per cent) and missing deadlines (41.8 per cent).