Nelson the spikeless hedgehog gets an oil massage thrice a day

PHOTO: Ruptly

Meet Nelson. A hedgehog that is having the time of his life. 

A completely spikeless and bald hedgehog, Nelson was rescued by Foxy Lodge Wildlife Rescue, at Hemsby near Great Yarmouth in Norfolk, United Kingdom.

Due to his rare genetic condition he has to be massaged with oil three times a day - a luxury many of us don't have the time or money to enjoy.

Because he has no spikes to protect him from predators, he cannot be released into the wild and now lives at the rescue centre after being rescued about 18 months ago.

Ms Tonia Gardner, co-founder of Foxy Lodge Rescue Centre, told video news agency Ruptly that when Nelson first went to the rescue centre, he had a bit of spikes and fur, but they have since fallen out, and there have been no signs of them coming back.

If you look at Nelson closely, you'd probably think he looks like a wrinkled old person. To his caretaker Ms Gardner, he is like a "little grumpy old man".

"He plods about because he's got little deformed front legs, bless him. But other than that he's a happy hedgehog, he enjoys his food obviously.

"We get him outside as much as we can when the weather's nice, just so he gets the feel of going out into the garden, but obviously he can't be released," said Ms Gardner.

He may look like a grumpy old oddball, but Nelson is still as cute as every other hedgehog we've seen.

Meet Nelson, the hedgehog with no spikes