Nepalese student found dead in Taiwan uni dorm

TAIPEI, Taiwan -- A 32-year-old Nepalese student enrolled in a doctorate programme at National Taiwan University (NTU) was found dead in his dorm on Monday.

The student, identified by local media as Santosh Poundel, conducted research on fifth-generation mobile networks at NTU's Graduate Institute of Communication Engineering.

Poundel was found unconscious in his dormitory by a school guard. His academic supervisor had been asked by the university to check on Poundel following 10 days without contact from the graduate student.

His Taiwanese roommates had returned home for the holidays.

The guard contacted the emergency services at 10:32 a.m. Local police said preliminary investigations had ruled out foul play, and that Poundel may have died from excessive alcohol consumption.

Poundel's peers told police that he had just received his master's degree in Indonesia. They also told the police that Poundel had been depressed due to a recent death of a family member. Police said he was known to have had a history of alcoholism.

As Nepal does not have an embassy or representative office in Taiwan, local police said that they would go through the India-Taipei Association to contact Poundel's next of kin.