Networking and upgrading top resolutions for S'pore professionals

PHOTO: Networking and upgrading top resolutions for S'pore professionals

SINGAPORE - Up to 85 per cent of Singaporean professionals have made a New Year resolution related to their professional life and careers this year, LinkedIn found in a survey.

This figure is up from the 67 per cent who said the same last year.

Among the top resolutions made, half of those surveyed said that they hoped to achieve professional development through learning new skills this year. 50 per cent of respondents also said that they would like to work on building professional relations.

Close to 40 per cent of respondents hope to get promoted or move into a leadership role while 36 per cent want to move to a new job and 34 per cent wish to achieve a pay raise.

More information about the findings can be found in the press release below:

Networking and learning new skills more important than getting a raise: Singaporean professionals

LinkedIn, the world's largest professional network with more than 200 million members, today released its findings in regards to the top professional goals people want to achieve in 2013.

Long after all of the presents have been unwrapped and the fireworks have gone off, a lot of attention is paid to resolutions that most people won't keep past January.

LinkedIn surveyed 450 professionals in Singapore and found that 85 per cent of Singaporean professionals surveyed actually plan to make a New Year resolution related to their professional life/career in 2013 - this is up from the 67 per cent who did last year - and in contrast to how only 54 per cent of them make New Year resolutions in general.

The top five professional goals that Singaporeans want to achieve in 2013 are:

1. Professional development through learning new skills (50 per cent)

2. Network more or build more professional relations (50 per cent)

3. Get promoted or move into a leadership role (39 per cent)

4. Get a new job or career (36 per cent)

5. Get a pay raise (34 per cent)

LinkedIn also asked Singaporean professionals what they wanted to achieve with these professional goals. "Financial security and growth" (49 per cent) is on top of Singaporeans', followed by having "stronger workplace performance" (24 per cent) and "better work-life balance" (24 per cent).

"With Singapore's weak economic growth and an uncertain job market heavy on the minds of many professionals, some of us may be surprised that getting a new job or a pay raise ranked lower than learning new skills and building professional connections," said Chan Ngee Key, Career Coach & Strategist at YourOwn360.

"Yet, Singaporeans are exactly right, because strengthening our capabilities is key to ensuring we stay competitive even in a downturn. Similarly, networking helps you be in a position to win and be in with contacts who can be a source of new job opportunities, new clients, and even new partners. LinkedIn makes building these crucial contacts easy."

For a global flavor, LinkedIn also surveyed more than 7,100 professionals around the world and the No. 1 professional goal globally for 2013 is, "professional development through learning new skills". Out of all the options, survey respondents could chose from, these countries had the highest percentage of professionals who wanted to achieve each of these specific goals we asked them about:

Professional development through learning new skills: Brazil (61 per cent of professionals selected this choice) Network more/build more professional relationships: France (55 per cent) Get a new job/career: United Arab Emirates (42 per cent) Get promoted or move into a leadership role: Singapore (39 per cent) Start my own business: Indonesia (37 per cent) Get a raise: Indonesia (36 per cent) Be more confident and engaged in client, customer and/or team meetings: India (34 per cent) Retire/prepare for retirement: United States (11 per cent)

For people who are looking at building more professional relationships, here are a few ways to build up strong connections:

Share because you care

People who share articles or content with their LinkedIn network at least once a week are nearly ten times more likely to be contacted by a recruiter for new opportunities than people who don't share with their network.

So, go ahead, share that great industry piece you just read with your network. Tell your network what your business goal is and ask them to chime in with what they hope to achieve in 2013, so you can lend them a helping hand.

New Year, new you

People with photos are seven times more likely to have their profiles viewed. Once you upload a photo, your network will get an update saying that you just added a new photo. That subtle nudge may prompt them to revisit the rest of your LinkedIn Profile.

Become a groupie

There are more than one million LinkedIn Groups that exist on the platform. Check out groups like Connect: Professional Women's Network, and Succeed: Small Business Network, Powered by Staples. You'll be meeting other professionals and expanding your network in no time.