The new kid on the block: Hambaobao

Move over, McDonald's.

Located in a rather obscure spot for a burger joint of its calibre, Hambaobao has arrived in the heart of Beauty World Food Centre and it is here to stay.

You may be surprised at the limited menu with only five different kinds of burgers and fries to choose from, but Hambaobao is certainly not your average burger joint.

According to the owner, 25-year-old Ryan Wee: "My burgers are more based on passion and homely kind of cooking, rather than gourmet-style."

Being Peranakan, Mr Wee also aims to create burgers with a touch of Peranakan flavours like the Ayam Buah Kerluak burger.

"When I first heard of it, I thought it was really gimmicky. But seeing Ryan's creation, it actually blends together very well," said SPH Razor's Olivia Chang after tasting the unique burger.

Besides the Ayam Buah Kerluak burger, some favourites from Hambaobao are The Classic Beef burger and Crispy Pork Belly burger.

HamBaobao also serves fresh-cut fried potatoes called the Fairy Fries to go with their burgers.

The verdict by both SPH Razor's presenters were that the burgers from Hambaobao were not just shiok, not very shiok, but it's So Shiok.

Watch the video below to see what they have to say about HamBaoBao.