New money-saving wallet 'runs away' when you want to go shopping

PHOTO: New money-saving wallet 'runs away' when you want to go shopping

Ever spent so much money that you were flat out broke and had to eat instant noodles every day until your next paycheck came in? Well, you are not alone.

According to a Japanese firm, many people fail to save for a rainy day and end up penniless at the end of the month because their funds are simply too available to them.

A living wallet to help you save money?

Why not, they said, make the wallet an object which can play hard-to-get? If funds are low, the wallet automatically detects its owner's need to curb spending and 'runs away' every time the owner is trying to pick it up. This makes spending more difficult as it prevents the owner from grabbing his/her wallet and pulling a credit card out.

Working with an application installed in your smartphone, the wallet is able to sense when you need to stop shopping and start saving.

So determined is the phone at curbing your spending that it even yells for help when you manage to catch it.

And that's not all. If you open up your wallet, the wallet turns into a tattletale and notifies your mother so that she can help prevent you from squandering your hard-earned money away.

After all, if a running and screaming wallet does not deter you, a good dose of some old-fashioned nagging is sure to do the trick.

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