New Muslim visitor guide to Jeju Island

Korea Tourism Organization

Muslim travellers to Jeju Island in South Korea will find it more accessible. With the island's new Muslim visitor guide this will not only attract them but enhance the experience.

The new guide to Jeju Island focuses on meeting the needs of Muslim travellers by helping them to discover the best places to visit, shop, dine and pray on the South Korean island.

Experience Jeju Island, A Traveller's Haven showcases Jeju Island's stunning range of landscapes, enchanting culture and variety of enthralling activities.

The 12-page guide, which is available in English, has been compiled by Jeju Tourism Association and leading online travel platform

The guide is now being distributed among travel agents and partners while a downloadable version is available from

The Muslim travel market is today one of the fastest growing sectors globally projected to be worth US$200bil (S$269 billion) by 2020.

Jeju Tourism Association president Young Jin Kim said they are keen to welcome tourists from all parts of the world to have a unique and unforgettable experience in the island.

The guide is divided into sections focusing on providing information on attractions and experiences across the island including the best shopping destinations.

It also highlights the places to dine in the region featuring local seafood and vegetarian restaurants which have been rated by CrescentRating - the world's leading authority on Halal travel. The final section in the guide focuses on places to pray and mosques within the island.

Situated just off the coast of South Korea, Jeju Island is home to tourist attractions such as the dormant Hallasan Volcano, distinctive features of extensive volcanic rock and lava tubes, caves, evergreen forests, coastline and fields of blossoming fragrant flowers.