New player in data storage industry promises something different

PHOTO: New player in data storage industry promises something different

SINGAPORE - A new player in the data storage scene promises to let small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) back up corporate data without hefty investments in additional manpower or machines.

Singapore-based enterprise data management provider Kronicles has launched a new Backup as a Service (BaaS) solution which lets SMEs have secured data back-up both on-site and off-site.

Kronicles' BaaS solution does not use a network storage device or remote backup over the cloud like other companies, but an onsite device which backs up data daily to its own secure data facility.

In the case of a disaster, customers can recover the data from the Periphery Onsite Device (POD) without depending on the speed of the Internet connection.

At the same time, their data is doubly secure because it not only sits in the POD, but is also replicated to Kronicle's data centre.

On-site, the device backs up data from the firm and keeps it for up to 30 days. The data transfer is done using the local network which does not affect the firm's Internet connection.

The data is then copied to Kronicles' secure data facility daily after work hours. The regular Internet link used by staff is not affected by the backup.

Further, Kronicles also provides a copy of the data on an industry-standard tape to the firm each month for storage or for use.

The service is fully monitored and managed at a monthly cost of $5,000.

According to Kronicles (Asia) group CEO Piti Pramotedham, SMEs are no different from other firms in that they need to backup and restore important files to ensure business continuity.

The company expects more companies to take up its services over the next three months as it has received favorable responses from potential clients.

They currently have over 40 customers who are going through various stages of evaluation of their services.

Kronicles is also looking into expanding into countries such as Philippines and Malaysia and are in advance stages of discussion with partners in these countries.

It is partnered by StarHub, which provides secured hosting services and network connections. The firm uses the StarHub Data Centre and connectivity in all its service delivery.

The telecoms service provider will offer Kronicles' data backup and recovery cloud solution at a monthly subscription.