New sweet shop in town

Premium sweet shop French Corner has 26 outlets in Pondicherry and Singaporeans who have been there and tried its sweets have nothing but good reviews about them, according to its director Ms Susanna.

In fact, they're so good that tourists kept asking the shop to open an outlet in Singapore.

"That's exactly what we have done - opened our first branch outside of Pondicherry, in Singapore. We want our sweets to cater to people outside of Pondicherry so more people can enjoy them," said Ms Susanna.

She added: "There're not many shops in Singapore that solely sell Indian sweets so I hope the shop will be a breakthrough in the market here," she added.

So why the name French Corner? Explained Ms Susanna: "Pondicherry used to be under French rule, so we named the shop with the French colony in mind."

The newly-opened shop at 74 Race Course Road sells over 100 types of north and south Indian sweets and more than 20 types of savouries and snacks.

It has a sitting area that can accommodate 20 people. But because of the large amount of orders received for Deepavali, the area was closed. It will be open to patrons who want to dine in after the festive period.

Some of the shop's best-selling sweets include ladoo, halwa, Mysore Pak, Milk Kova, Kaju Katli and Kaju Roll. They also offer savouries such as Andhra Muruku, cashews and soya bites. Snacks include pakora, samosa, potato cutlets and vegetable cutlets.

They are freshly made every day by the chef, who has over 25 years of experience in making sweets in Pondicherry. "He has been to different parts of India to learn how to make various north and south Indian sweets, savouries and snacks so customers can expect our products to be of premium quality and very tasty," said Ms Susanna.

For Christmas, French Corner is also offering French chocolates and a variety of cakes such as fruit cake, cheesecake, milk cake and black forest cake.

The shop also provides catering for weddings and events.

"Even though we've opened only two weeks ago, we've had good response. Customer satisfaction is most important to us," said Ms Susanna.

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