Blonde hair makes her ill

Blonde hair makes her ill
Malaysian celebrity couple Scha Al-Yahya and Awal Ashaari (right), who is expecting their first child in July 2014. The couple was in town while Awal was recording two episodes of the new Suria variety show, Kita Gerek 2.

Like most first-time mothers-to-be, Malaysian actress-host Scha Al-Yahya cannot wait for the arrival of her first baby.

It has been two years since she married Malaysian actor-TV host Awal Ashaari, 32, and the couple have been looking forward to having a child together.

But little did she expect her first pregnancy to turn into such an ordeal.

During her first trimester, the 30-year-old who is now six months pregnant, could barely hold down food and ate only biscuits with Nutella or peanut butter.

Morning sickness aside, she was once hospitalised and put on an intravenous drip.

She would not leave home to meet anyone and was withdrawn.

Even showering became an effort. Scha was in town last Friday while Awal was recording two episodes of new Suria variety show Kita Gerek 2.


She told The New Paper: "I was moody and I thought I was going through depression. I couldn't do anything and cancelled all the jobs I had lined up.

"I was really counting down to the start of the second trimester."

On top of that, Scha became sensitive to the sight of platinum blonde hair and the sound of mobile phone ring tones.

Citing reality TV modelling series Asia's Next Top Model 2's recent winner Sheena Liam as an example, she tried to explain her bizarre aversion.

"I felt 'geli' (Malay for grossed out) and wondered why they must have blonde hair like that," she recalled with a shudder.

"I know this was due to hormonal changes, but I just couldn't help myself."

She added that her mobile phone was - and still is - on silent mode because she found the ring tone "too noisy".

Calls and messages would go unanswered for days until her friends had to resort to "ambushing" her at her home in Kuala Lumpur.

Even Awal had to keep his mobile phone on silent mode whenever he was with her during those three months.

Their marriage also took a hit.

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