Gossip about dethroned Ms Myanmar trickles in

Gossip about dethroned Ms Myanmar trickles in

Organisers of the all-over-the-map pageant in South Korea decided to strip the 18-year-old of the title (we'll try and find a better verb). The first woman from Myanmar to win an international beauty contest promptly lost it due to her alleged "lack of personality, integrity and loyalty to the contest organiser".

Lack of personality? Struggling to be a little more specific, the organisers complained about her "ungrateful attitude and untrustworthiness" and said they could no longer work with her.

Further down in the official statement, though, it says her mother tried by illegal means to get a three-month visa to stay in South Korea, which is considerably more helpful in understanding what happened, but there the details end.

"Simply, we have no trust in her, and there is no reason to believe she can carry out her duties as Miss Asia Pacific World 2014 successfully," said the statement.

Ouch. This is a lot rougher that losing your crown over some naughty statements scrawled long ago on Facebook.

A replacement Miss Asia Pacific Far East Korea Oriental World will soon be found "with the right professional standards and right attitudes", the organisers say.

Still, there's something unsatisfying about this story. Surely there's some juicy gossip to round it out a bit? Yes, in fact.

A rumour circulating in Myanmar itself suggests that May Myat Noe didn't get along with the people who ran the national pageant there either, the very people who sent her to Seoul in the first place. It's said she's siding with some other "influential" local group that's trying to muscle into the beauty-pageant business.

May Myat Noe and her mum arrived home from South Korea on Thursday, the day after that damning statement was issued, and she vowed to hold a press conference forthwith.

"You can ask me whatever you want that day - I can't talk right now," she told Myanmar Eleven, with which The Nation is affiliated (and now you know why).

Meanwhile Hla Nu Tun, head of the group running the national pageant, wants their crown and sash back and says May Myat Noe is Miss Myanmar no longer. Hla Nu Tun also declines to go into detail, but says grandly, "I have been informed by the organisation to accept the crown from her in front of the media. I know all about what happened in Korea, but I don't want to talk about it. The main thing is for her to return the crown to me as soon as possible. Otherwise, the situation will become more complicated.

"I want to apologise for the things the Myanmar representative has done on behalf of her and her mother," Hla Nu Tun continues. "We prepared for this competition with teamwork and worked hard to win the crown. I can't do anything about her change of mind after winning the crown."

Who could have imagined just three short years ago that we'd soon be hearing about this sort of cosmetic modern-world silliness from dark, dank Burma?

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